Hungarian citizens inform Jobbik of terrible conditions

Jobbik’s questionnaire called Real National Consultation was returned by about two-hundred thousand citizens. Presenting the findings, faction leader János Volner stated: the people’s view is that Hungary is in a terrible condition.

People have a devastatingly bad opinion on rampant corruption as well as the situation in healthcare and education, the politician said in his Thursday press conference. All previous governments failed to address the issues that the Hungarian society expected them to: for example, the payment of gratuities in healthcare is common practice while the Orbán government fails to ensure that professionals receive worthy remuneration in this sector.

Summarizing the input from the respondents, Mr Volner explained that 9 people out of 10 would punish this kind of tipping and 19 out of 20 back the idea of providing free dental care. Five times more people rated the Orbán government more corrupt than the previous Socialist governments than the other way round, and 98% of respondents agree with the idea of setting up a special anti-corruption prosecutor’s office. He added that the significant majority of respondents supported setting up boarding schools, i.e., institutions where children who are unable to integrate into the community and constantly disturb their peers in classroom activities could live in better conditions than in their families, “so that they could become useful, productive members of our society”.

In total, the consultation launched by Jobbik last year cost 67 million HUF. “This budget is a clear evidence that if, unlike the government, you don’t steal the money, you can manage a national consultation project for a fraction of the expenses.” Otherwise, you have a reason to suspect that taxpayers’ money was not managed by clean hands,” the politician added.


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