Hundreds protest for peace and in support of Iran at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest


Despite the biting cold almost three hundred people participated in the peace demonstration organized by Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary on the eve of 2 December, 2011.

The rally was held on Szabadság Square in Budapest in front of the US Embassy to protest against the war threatening Iran. In an announcement, Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik MP and Vice-Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee stated that Jobbik stands by the Persian people, who have been resisting continuous Zionist atrocity and penetration and wish to keep their independence and condemns Israel, the U.S. and all Western allies that support a war with devastating consequences.

Many people arrived with raised banners: "Obama! How many atomic bombs does Iran have?"; "Were two world wars not enough?"; Stop US/RAEL – Peace with Iran"; Why does Obama negotiate daily with a notorious liar?"  "Israel = TerrorState"; "No Israel = No War".

The participants were greeted by Dóra Dúró, MP, Jobbik spokesperson, after which the Hungarian National Anthem was sung.

On the demonstration members of the Jobbik's parliamentary group addressed the participants: Zoltán Balczó, Jobbik Vice-President and Deputy-Speaker of the National Assembly, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy lawyer, and Márton Gyöngyösi Chairman of the Hungarian-Persian Friendship Group of the IPU; also Loránt Hegedűs Jr., Calvinist pastor and Dr. Afi Jahromi Persian-born dentist spoke up.

Zoltán Balczó was the first to start the series of speeches and asserted that Jobbik stands up for Iran that is directly threatened by Israeli aggression. According to the Vice-President of Jobbik the example of Iraq has shown how a country can be invaded and ruined without any reasonable explanation. Mr. Balczó reasoned the choice of the location of the protest by quoting Ariel Sharon former Israeli PM's statement in which he placed the U.S. in a role subordinated to Zionist interests. Jobbik's Vice-President stressed that Israel "defies" the international treaties, UN resolutions, so Jobbik asks the U.S. only to keep their own interests in mind in the case of Iran and “it shouldn’t let the tail wag the dog".

For Christ's followers the fundamental mission is to represent and serve peace, but it often sounds false. This expectation is not from God but from the world which has forced and is still forcing mendacious peace-settlements not only onto nations, countries or even continents but indeed the whole world. Today we can say that peace is untrue but still every decent, God-fearing person should not have a desire for war - said in his introduction Loránt Hegedűs Jr. According to the Calvinist pastor warmongering must be condemned by every decent sensible person.

We belong together and have sympathy for those states that want to live proudly in this world by their own traditions - said in his speech Tamás Gaudi-Nagy. The legal defender explained that although he does not fully agree with every policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran there can be only one response to the United States’ intentions to occupy, vanquish and bomb any state upon the request of Israel, and  that response is a loud and firm no. According to Tamás Gaudi-Nagy if we let that happen the consequence of this path will be a World Government.

We are all the people of peace and justice, said the Persian-born Dr Afi Jahromi, who added that they do not wish to participate neither as audience nor as actors in the theatre of the world’s greatest powers, which are recruiting participants. According to the Persian-born dentist the world that wants justice has awakened.

God bless Hungarians! God bless Iran! Let there be peace for the Persian people. God save the world from the evil! Amen! - concluded Dr. Jahromi Afi.

The last speaker, Márton Gyöngyösi explained that "in us Hungarians our thousand year old history and all of its hardships and sufferings have perfected the love of freedom and the solidarity for people fighting for freedom and independence in any remote part of the world." According to the MP the colonization of our time is no longer open and well-recognizable with direct military actions. Today tools of mass-manipulation have at least as important a role to play in oppression and subjugation. The West deployed all assets against Persian people in recent decades but now after the failure of direct military attacks it is trying to tune public opinion against Iran with the perfect tool of mass-manipulation: the media. Márton Gyöngyösi pointed out that the key element of the mendacious campaign is to making people believe that Iran is preparing to attack Hungary, Europe and the whole world.

Iran’s only crime is that it helps Hezbollah in democratic Lebanon and Hamas, which is governing in the Gaza Strip as a result of a democratic election, and consistently supports the fight of the suffering Palestinians against the occupying Zionist terror. He added that currently Jobbik is the only radical or non-radical party across Europe that does dare to tell the truth about Israel and Iran. According to Márton Gyöngyösi while Israel is heavily armed and capable of every conceivable evil, mass murder and genocide, a state established on racial discrimination, Iran’s war intentions have never been proven.

This is why we have solidarity with peaceful Iran and turn to it with the same open heart as Iran turns towards those who are approaching her with open heart and outstretched hands – concluded the MP. (The full text of the speech of Márton Gyöngyösi can be read HERE).

Following the speeches the peace demonstration ended with singing of the Szózat (Appeal) and the Székely Himnusz (the National Anthem of Székely Hungarians).


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