How much more do we have to wait until the issue of Hungarian schools abroad is finally settled?

In the Parliament’s Monday session, Jobbik MP István Szávay asked Secretary of State for National Policy Árpád János Potápi about the Hungarian government’s strategy on Hungarian schools operating abroad. Jobbik’s MP, who is in charge of his party’s national policy affairs, emphasized that Hungary’s national strategy required that the unfortunately growing number of our young emigrants could go to Hungarian schools and develop a bond to the motherland so that they might decide to return home later.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know if the government has a comprehensive strategy to support and develop Hungarian schools operating abroad. Furthermore, Jobbik’s bill to amend the national budget and allocate funds to improve the network of schools was rejected by the government’s parliamentary majority, including Mr Potápi. The state secretary promised a 3-million-HUF subsidy to the Hungarian school of Dublin a year ago but they have not received it yet.

In his response, Mr Potápi explained that the reason why the subsidy for the Hungarian school of Dublin had not been transferred was because the institution was not registered officially. The government’s representative added that they were waiting for an officially registered organization that they could transfer the amount to.

The state secretary added that Minister Zoltán Balog had recently visited the Hungarian school of Toronto while under-secretary for national policy Péter Szilágyi had had discussions with the heads of 25 schools in New York. Mr Potápi expressed his hope that the government’s strategy on Hungarian schools abroad would be finalized by the autumn of this year.

Mr Szávay responded that he certainly hoped so, too.