How long will Hungarians need to emigrate from their homeland?

How long will this burning and pressing wage and income gap persist between Western and Central Eastern EU member states? MEP Morvai asked in the European Parliament. In her latest speech, Jobbik’s EP representative raised the question how it was possible that the EU accession process seemed to overlook the potential problems and tensions arising from the income gaps within the EU.

Why can’t we see any plans aiming to prevent massive migration from low-income countries to high-income member states?

MEP Morvai was pleased to acknowledge that the European Commission, surprisingly enough, had registered the so-called “wage union” initiative launched by Hungary and seven other Eastern European ex-Communist countries, i.e., a project aiming to reduce the wage and income gaps, which also means that the collection of one million statements of support may begin in Hungary on 20th August.

Talking about the 2018 schedule of the European Commission however, she sorely missed any reference to activities that could help change the EU’s cohesion policy and she also inquired what professional guidelines or suggestions the EU had for eliminating the disadvantage of the Eastern European region and thus putting an end to the massive emigration as well.


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