HírTV's occupation completes Fidesz' opinion terror

In Jobbik’s view, the events taking place in HirTV news channel complete Fidesz’ opinion terror where PM Viktor Orbán follows the Bolshevik tradition of annihilating any alternative thinking. As it was reported, the management appointed by the new owner of the formerly pro-opposition television made the programme toe a pro-government line within a matter of hours.

In her Budapest press conference on Thursday, Jobbik’s vice president Mrs Lorántné Hegedűs said: “as the successor of the liberal opinion terror represented by the intellectual group of the former SZDSZ Alliance of Free Democrats, Fidesz is establishing its own opinion terror now”. Being the best student of SZDSZ, Viktor Orbán believes the media is a kind of collective mind-altering drug, she added.  She said the Prime Minister represented the Bolshevik tradition of annihilating contrary opinions and alternative thinking in general.

According to Mrs Hegedűs, the reason why the Fidesz government attaches so much importance to exterminating any dissension from the public now is because Hungary is on the verge of an economic crisis. She says the government has no response to major economic and social problems or national issues. If Fidesz were right about anything, they would be ready to clash their opinions with those of others, she added.

The vice president also said Fidesz was unable and unwilling to defend its opinion, that’s why it strives to dumb the media down to a totally mono-dimensional level. “Echo TV 2.0 is being established in the empty place of HirTV and it will obviously be lined with the taxpayers’ money through state advertisements to make sure that it would broadcast government propaganda 24/7." Wednesday’s events were a demonstration of power where the TV studio was occupied by a quasi police force, she added. Mrs Hegedűs stressed the importance of intellectuals speaking out on this matter. As she put it, Jobbik members were going to fight “to their last drop of blood” so that free opinions could be communicated to the people.


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