Gyöngyösi: We need to let the English go and strengthen Europe

The never-ending Brexit debates seem to prevent Europe from focusing on its own challenges, Jobbik MEP Márton Gyöngyösi noted when he delivered his speech as the first Hungarian MEP to contribute to the EP’s plenary Brexit debate.

He said the UK’s 2016 decision followed a long and correct campaign with both sides presenting their arguments. Albeit with a narrow margin, the “leave” side won the vote. “If you believe in democracy, you have to respect the decision of the British people. It’s time for Europe to focus on its own challenges. That’s what I called the EP’s attention to in my speech,” Jobbik MEP Márton Gyöngyösi told us.

According to the politician, the never-ending Brexit debates seem to turn Europe into a lame duck, just like they did to British politics. “Ever since I’ve been in office as a MEP in the past four months, the EU has put an astounding amount of energy into implementing an organized Brexit, but all these efforts have been fruitless. There’s no way to revoke the decision and the UK’s political crisis cannot be solved in Strasbourg or Brussels but while even the grass seems to stop growing on account of the Brits, Europe should be making real decisions in major issues,” Mr Gyöngyösi noted.

“Just look at the events of the past week: the EU was unable to form a clear opinion in terms of Syria, then abandoned two Balkan countries, Albania and Northern Macedonia, on the pretext of having to deal with its own crises,” Mr Gyöngyösi said, adding if the EU cannot offer prospects to Balkan countries, others will. Russia or the Muslim extremists will appreciate the opportunity and then we’ll also have to face security problems in addition to the existing political ones, he suggested.

In the meantime, the EU should indeed focus on its own troubles, too, such as the rampant corruption in certain member states, which tends to be typical of politicians who build their communication on instigating political tensions. Jobbik’s MEP says the EU should invest more energy into eliminating the income inequalities between the western and the eastern member states. The issue of the Irish border is undoubtedly important for the EU’s stability but stopping Central Europe’s depopulation is just as significant: it’s a key issue in the long run, he emphasized.

What happens to the Hungarian citizens living in the UK?

Of course, the Brexit may have severe consequences for the Hungarian citizens living in the United Kingdom. However, this dragging and persistent uncertainty will help neither them nor the Hungarian politicians concerned about the Hungarian communities living abroad, he said.

It would be good to finally see what we should prepare for, he added, pointing out that the regular subversions by Hungary’s foreign affairs ministry can hardly help us to bring a reassuring solution to the situation of Hungarian emigrants.

We are not alone with this problem: citizens of many European countries live in the UK. A joint action could undoubtedly improve our chances in terms of the rights of Hungarian citizens, too, but such cooperation is hampered by the deteriorating reputation of Hungary’s foreign policy. Jobbik will continue to work for Hungarians to get the respect they deserve, regardless if they live at home or abroad, Mr Gyöngyösi concluded.


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