Gyöngyösi to Orbán: "The taxpayers will have to pay the price of your crimes"

The Hungarian Parliament began the autumn sessions with Viktor Orbán’s pre-agenda speech, followed by the reactions of opposition faction leaders. The PM’s speech focused on the Sargentini report. Mr Orbán shared his view that next year’s EP elections were going to be characterized by the struggle of two camps: one pro-immigration and one anti-immigration side. Talking about the EU summit to be held next week, the PM repeated the “they want to deprive us of our right for border protection” sentence already familiar from his Friday’s radio interview. Mr Orbán suggested that Hungary must not give up on this right because nobody knows more about border guarding than us.

Gyöngyösi confronts today's Orbán with himself 12 years ago

Addressing Mr Orbán, the leader of the largest opposition faction noted how absurd it was for Hungary to still have to listen to the speeches of Socialist ex-PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, even 8 years after their government. Mr Gyöngyösi reminded the PM that, back in 2006, Mr Orbán demanded the EU to handle Hungarian corruption, false data provision and lies under the Socialist governments as the Union’s internal affair. “12 years later, the EU listened to Orbán,” he added.

Talking about the EU report approved last week, Mr Gyöngyösi emphasized that MEP Sargentini’s ideological bias was reflected in it and it contained countless lies, especially regarding racism and anti-Semitism, so the document was unfair. However, he also noted on the subject of migration that Mr Orbán had already allowed 23 thousand migrants into Hungary through selling residency bonds and granting subsidiary protection status. Mr Gyöngyösi stressed that the report was raising very real problems beside the misstatements. Listing these real problems, he mentioned undermining the rule of law, occupying the independent institutions, eliminating the public service or annexing the prosecutor’s office. The faction leader emphasized that the report’s section on corruption contained valid statements as well.

“The taxpayers will have to pay the price of your crimes,” the head of Jobbik’s parliamentary group asserted. Then he confronted Mr Orbán with the PM’s oft-quoted “two-thirds majority” achieved in Hungary, stating that Fidesz had lost the vote of not only the two-thirds of the European Parliament as a whole but even that of the European People’s Party i.e., Fidesz’ own political family in particular. Such former allies of Mr Orbán’s turned their backs on him as Chancellor Kurz, EPP parliamentary group leader Manfred Weber or Slovakian PM Robert Fico, among others, he said. Then he presented Mr Orbán with the fact that it was the PM himself who had struggled so hard for a common European border guard service for years. He declared that they wanted to protect Europe and Hungary from illegal migration. Finally, he concluded that if foreign border guards came to Hungary, they would be under the command of the hosting country based on the valid legal regulations and they would be subject to Hungarian law.


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