Gyöngyösi: Orbán wants Hungary to leave the European Union

Jobbik wants to conduct value-based debates in the EP elections, said Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader in his Budapest press conference on Saturday. Talking about the real stakes of the EP elections, Márton Gyöngyösi noted we had to decide if we wanted to build a free, liveable and predictable Hungary.

As the politician put it, Viktor Orbán’s “unpredictable weather vane policies” pose a risk both to Hungary and Europe as well. As he explained, the PM had no second thoughts voting for the Lisbon Treaty 10 years ago while now he represents a policy of seclusion and isolation and “wants Hungary to exit the European community, the European Union”. Jobbik’s executive vice president emphasized that Mr Orbán followed a subservient Euro-Atlantic agenda 10 years ago but now he considers eastern dictatorships as role models and flirts with the alt-right movement that undermines European integrity.

“At the beginning of his career, Viktor Orbán was a fiery democrat and an anti-Communist Liberal but he became a despot and a real Communist who relies on the financial dominance of oligarchs.” According to the faction leader, Jobbik promises predictability. The party was the first in Hungary to present its EP election programme. Published both in Hungarian and English, the manifesto focuses on three key issues.

Jobbik promises protection from migration saying that mass immigration is a fundamental matter for the nation and Hungary must take efficient measures against it. “We must reject the central migrant allocation quota, set up a border guard service and protect Hungary from illegal migration,” he asserted. Mr Gyöngyösi placed an equal emphasis on the struggle against the brain drain: Jobbik stands for enabling all citizens to prosper in their own homeland. The party also wants to promote autonomy for ethnic Hungarians living beyond our borders. He expressed his hope that the EP election would bring about professional political debates rather than smear campaigns. He informed the media that Jobbik’s list of EP candidates was going to be presented in late January or early February 2019.

In response to a question, the opposition politician said the departure of some local councilmen and MPs might have weakened his party in terms of headcount but it also helped Jobbik to become “cleansed and fortified”. Talking about the street protests held in December, Mr Gyöngyösi noted that politics was an area where people and issues are represented, sometimes jointly with certain other parties “to which we would otherwise recommend some self-reflection”.


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