Gyöngyösi: Jobbik runs in EP elections on its own, Péter Jakab is new Deputy Faction Leader

Jobbik runs in the European Parliamentary elections on its own – the party’s executive vice president announced in Gyöngyös, Hungary. In his press conference, Márton Gyöngyösi also said that the State Audit Office’s (SAO) fine did not break Jobbik but it was not yet clear how the sanctions would affect the party’s EP election campaign. They appointed a new deputy faction leader as well: Péter Jakab was elected by Jobbik MPs without any votes against him.

Jobbik’s parliamentary faction had a two and a half-day meeting in Mátraszentlászló to discuss the challenges facing the party. Talking about the spirit of the discussions, Jobbik’s executive vice president Márton Gyöngyösi said: “We could all make sure that the faction is unified in strong faith and resilience before the Parliament’s spring session. The enthusiasm of the MPs did not subside despite the fine imposed on us by the State Audit Office.” Talking about the the State Audit Office’s latest fine of HUF 270 million, the vice president promised they would do their best to ensure Jobbik’s survival so that they could live up to the mandate given by their voters. Jobbik will request the SAO to allow payment in instalments. According to Mr Gyöngyösi, the negotiations to that effect will start in the upcoming weeks. However, they still challenge the SAO’s resolution, so Jobbik will turn to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Brussels court on this account as well.

Jobbik runs on its own

Referring to the EP elections, Jobbik’s executive vice president said they were going to run on their own: they see no point in making alliances as this election will be a simple vote on lists. Furthermore, Jobbik is the only party with a European election programme, which they presented in both Hungarian and English. Gyöngyösi added that  “We are going to present an alternative to Orbán, not just in Hungary but in Europe, too. We will not let him lead Hungary out of the European Union and we will not let the EU funds withheld from the Hungarian people on account of Fidesz.”

Less conventional solutions

Mr Gyöngyösi promised that his party would employ some less conventional means in the upcoming parliamentary sessions to fight against the growing dictatorship. He explained that the party would fight both inside and outside the Parliament so that they could oust the Orbán government as soon as possible.

New MPs to work for the Faction in their special areas

The members of Jobbik’s faction agreed on the tasks for the two new MPs as well. Tamás Csányi will take Gábor Staudt’s seat in Parliament. Mr Gyöngyösi said that Mr Csányi was going to work in the Parliament’s Legislation Committee. The other new MP, Mr János Bencsik will continue former MP István Szávay’s work in the Committee on National Cohesion. The participants also chose a new deputy faction leader. Péter Jakab was elected to this position by Jobbik MPs without any votes against him.

Answering a question from the media at the end of the press conference, Mr Gyöngyösi told his opinion about former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány’s essay on the state of the republic. Jobbik’s vice president does not consider the ex-PM as a credible authority in terms of the struggle against the Orbán government. In his words: “Based on the political turns of the past 30 years, Jobbik believes that the parties of the 21st century are much more capable of building a new system. Not least because Ferenc Gyurcsány’s governance and political acts significantly contributed to Fidesz’ two-thirds victories and the establishment of the dictatorship.”


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