Green challenge: Jobbik to show what to do to save our micro-environment

Jobbik MP Tibor Nunkovics, who promotes environmental consciousness among the largest opposition party’s sympathizers, invites his fellow MPs to a green challenge; he says Jobbik’s politicians should show what they do to save their micro-environment. The young politician who got a seat in the Parliament a few weeks ago began showing an example by reducing plastic bottle usage in Jobbik’s parliamentary faction. Alfahír interviewed Tibor Nunkovics.

How did you come up with the idea of the green challenge?

You can see a lot of challenges on social media, which people often do just for fun. We in Jobbik thought that there could be challenges in relation with the protection of the environment and we politicians could show what we do on a daily basis to contribute to sustainability, for example, where and how we do our shopping or how much plastic waste we generate. There are some small but very important tricks that anybody, with a little extra effort, can use in their daily lives. We want to give people some tips on how to protect their own micro-environment. Obviously, the effects of climate change need to be addressed globally but you can also do things locally to minimize these effects, for example, you can force big business to put out less plastic and cut back on food wastage.

What commitments do you want to make?

For example, I drink water from a metal canteen, I don’t like plastic bottles. Of course, if the weather’s really hot, you can’t be expected not to go in a store and buy a half-litre plastic bottle of water because it would have health ramifications. I don’t consider myself super green and we can’t be expected to reduce our plastic usage by 100%, but I do believe we must rationalize our ways step by step. I became an MP in mid summer and one of my first actions was to ask the faction’s leadership to gradually reduce our plastic bottle usage down to zero, eventually. I’m happy to see that the process has started, partly due to the fact that we increased the number of our water dispensers.

Tibor Nunkovics and the N1TV crew

By the way, most Jobbik MPs will participate in our green challenge. I am quite curious to see what challenges my fellow MPs are going to come up with. Many of them said they already had their own ideas beforehand, which to me is a clear indication that most Hungarian citizens have a tendency to think green, we just need to reinforce them a bit. We will provide the professional backing and ammunition for it. You will have three days to complete each challenge and the results will be shared in the social media.

Now that you mention individual social responsibility, I guess Members of Parliament should be spearheading the process.

I think so, too. The work of a politician should be about showing an example and striving for moderation so that they could demonstrate that they are honest servants of the people. This applies to environmental awareness and anti-corruption as well. If people see a politician whose work they follow and perhaps have some respect for him, and they see what he does to save his micro-environment, it might be some food for thought for even large social groups.

How can you use these experiences in the political arena to promote a real change?

Environment protection may be a common denominator because the struggle against climate change is truly a non-partisan issue. The opposition has some politicians who have been representing the green agenda but Jobbik is the only political force on the right to have been focusing on the importance of environment protection for many years, MP Lajos Kepli had a lot of merit in that. Of course, it would be great to promote eco-awareness in the governing parties as well: we hope that pro-government MPs, if faced with a green challenge, will meet it and appreciate its importance.


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