Government evades answer on what other criminal organizations the PM keeps contacts with

Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona asked the Prime Minister what other criminal organizations he had managed to contact in addition to Ghaith Pharaon, an individual wanted by the FBI. Instead of PM Orbán, the apparently embarrassing question was answered by his Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó.

Mr Vona submitted the following question in writing to the Prime Minister: “Beside Ghaith Pharaon, what other, internationally wanted criminals or criminal organizations do you have relations with personally or through your associates, and what is your goal with these relations?” Jobbik’s president recalled how respectfully Mr Orbán referred to the Saudi billionaire charged with multiple crimes including financing terrorism as “Professor Pharaon” in his Parliamentary speech back last autumn.

Instead of the Prime Minister, the obviously embarrassing question was answered by Péter Szijjártó quite evasively: “We uploaded Ghaith Pharaon’s visa application into the Schengen system, no member state raised any objection and neither did Interpol indicate any problem. In other words, Ghaith Pharaon would have been allowed to travel into any Schengen member state at the time.” Interestingly enough, the minister forgot to address the other question on the PM’s potential contacts with other criminal groups.

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Ghaith Pharaon had specifically been granted a visa just to be able to meet Viktor Orbán. The registered data in the visa application form clearly show that Pharaon was to meet the Prime Minister of Hungary, at an event organized by Jordan’s honorary consul, Zaid Naffa.


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