Gábor Vona talks about Trump and Putin to New York Times

Gábor Vona would welcome an agreement between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Before the Russian president’s Budapest visit last week, Jobbik’s president gave an interview to New York Times. With a few paragraphs referring to this interview, the US newspaper’s website published an article covering Putin’s visit and presenting the Russia-Hungary relations from the New York Times’ liberal point of view. Talking to NYT, Jobbik’s president said he had mixed feelings about Donald Trump’s election and he added he was unsure how seriously to take Mr Trump’s talk.

In the interview Mr Vona expressed that Jobbik would welcome an agreement between Mr Trump and Mr Putin. “We will only be happy if relations between the US and Russia improve,” the president said to the New York Times, adding that if such an agreement includes the creation of new spheres of influence for Russia and the West, as Mr. Putin dearly wishes, so much the better.

Before the Hungary-Russia summit, Mr Vona posted a video on his Facebook page on his views about Russia-Hungary relations. “As the leader of the chief opposition party, what I expect from Viktor Orbán is to conclude as useful agreements as possible with Vladimir Putin in their summit,” Jobbik’s president emphasized.

He also pointed out how important it was to protect Hungary’s sovereignty and “ensure our independence while doing our best for the benefit of our compatriots, the Hungarian people.” He added that Hungary must develop good relations with other great powers beside Russia, too.


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