Gábor Vona resigns

I resign from the presidency

In light of the election results achieved yesterday, I kept my promise and submitted my resignation from the presidency, which was accepted by Jobbik’s board. Jobbik will soon convene a congress to elect officials and a new president. I will not run for the presidency. I also informed the board that I was not going to take over my parliamentary mandate obtained through the party’s national list.

As Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister, I assumed personal responsibility for the election results in 2018. Since we did not win the elections, I kept my word.

Today, Jobbik is Hungary’s second most popular party and the single leading force of the opposition. I will do my best so this community could be even stronger in the upcoming years but, after 12 years, not in the capacity of the president. Let me thank the over 1 million people who supported our party yesterday. We promise them that we will continue fighting for a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary, in spite of Fidesz’ two-thirds majority. All Hungarian people will be able to rely on Jobbik, wherever they may live in the world. Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands.


Gábor Vona