Gábor Vona on the wildling

"We have a lot of debates about this issue in the board, the Parliamentary group and the party in general, because we all know that being a people's party is not just an opportunity but a risk, too. If you don't stay focused, you can easily lose your fundaments, your basic values and become an average party. Fortunately, we are aware of that and we know that we need a constant self-review. However, it cannot stop them from taking this path. The board has a unanimous position in this issue" says Gábor Vona in his interview with Alfahir. Jobbik's president also talked about how Lajos Rig and Jobbik knocked the first brick out of the wall of the false change of the political system.

- Disappointed ex-Jobbik supporters often call themselves wildlings on their social media sites. What do you exactly mean when you say you "will cut off the wildlings"? Who should be afraid?
– The wildlings caused some misunderstanding due to the misinterpretation of origo.hu, then that of Reuters. I did not use the term "wildling" for individuals but for phenomena that we either hadn't noticed, or if we had, we just turned a blind eye and swept the matter under the carpet, but I will no longer tolerate such actions in Jobbik. I mean the lowly, profane utterances or statements containing sweeping judgement. Many people fell for the media manipulation and hastily identified themselves with the term "wildling" without proper consideration. However, there are others who did so with a bad intention, out of jealousy, trying to create disturbance. My message to everyone is this: calm down and think a little. Does it apply to you that you are "lowly, profane and pass sweeping judgements?"  
– Isn't this "wildling" statement a communication tool, just a bone for the media to chew on, while you still agree with Gergő Kulcsár and János Kötél in the background?
– No. Those who know me are quite aware that I can only represent what I believe in. I think it shows on people, too. And I truly mean to cut off the wildlings and I am fully determined to do so.
Go on together, side by side

– So who will be cut off, who must leave and who should stay?
– I must emphasize once again that I meant phenomena or actions by that, and not individuals. Most of those who identified themselves with the term wildling have not been in Jobbik for long. They sulk at home and come up with a grand new plan to save the nation and take revenge on Jobbik every second month. I'm not going to deal with these people. As for the party members who identified with it, they must understand what a huge responsibility each and every member has. A party that is preparing for government needs responsibility, discipline and openness. It does not mean giving up our basic values. Those who understand it will stay, obviously. We will go on together, side by side. However, those who are irresponsible enough to destroy the work of thousands of members, supporters and activists, have no future in Jobbik. I cannot let the foolish actions of certain individuals destroy everything.
– So, if somebody is radical, they can still stay?
– I have never said that the people with a national radical mentality should leave. I said two things: I will cut off the lowly phenomena that are considered as wildlings and anyone who wants pogroms must find themselves another party. That's all. And I stick to that. I am sorry that some people fell for the manipulations. The lesson for the future is that they should rather believe me instead of the media.
– Who got Jobbik into the Parliament? Those who have been working day and night for the party ever since the beginning, or those who began to like it when it started to turn into a people's party? The question may be anachronistic, but the point is, who do you work for in the Parliament? Who do you represent?
– This question is not only anachronistic, it's bad, too.  We must clearly be grateful to many people for our success. But, Jobbik's goal has always been to save Hungary, not just to get into Parliament and sit back. If we just wanted to sit there, we wouldn't be more than just politicians for a living, but we are not motivated by such goals. So the most important issue now is not who voted us into Parliament but who can help us get into government so that we could carry out our programme. It would be a major mistake if the party's core base could not understand this connection. Of course, we are highly grateful to anyone who has been actively working for our cause, but I don't like it if someone boasts about it and claims something in return. We must continue working modestly and humbly, not for ourselves but for a community which is none other than the Hungarian nation. If we begin to lament about who has a bigger role in our success instead of working selflessly, we are done for.
– What would you say if another "even-more-Jobbik" party was established? One that is not such a pathetic business venture as the Hungarian Dawn?
– Nothing. If there is a need in the Hungarian society for such a party, then we must respect that. That's what democracy and the freedom of speech is all about. What I can do, regardless if such party is formed or not, is that I will continue representing Jobbik's people's party programme in opposition, and do my best effort to implement it if we get into government. I trust in ourselves, I believe in our goals, so I am not worried at all. Neither about my own future, nor that of Jobbik. We do our best and most and we will be judged by the people down here, and the divine up there.
– Does the board unanimously support the direction you laid down?
- We have a lot of debates about this issue in the board, the Parliamentary group and the party in general, because we all know that being a people's party is not just an opportunity but a risk, too. If you don't stay focused, you can easily lose your fundaments, your basic values and become an average party. Fortunately, we are aware of that and we know that we need a constant self-review. However, it cannot stop us from taking this path. The board has a unanimous position in this issue. Of course, we always have debates about daily practical matters, but it's only natural. It would be a big problem if Jobbik's leadership lost their ability to debate because it would mean that the body is no longer able to make circumspect, consensual decisions.
Rebellion, occupying the Speaker's platform, Hungarian Guard

– In early 2014, you said that if the government's policy on land protection does not change, there will be a rebellion.  There wasn't. Once you burnt the EU flag, and now you say the Jobbik government's goal will be to successfully develop Hungary's economy within the EU. No bank windows were broken on account of the foreign currency loans, either. Isn't it the result of giving up your principles?
– We will continue protecting our land in the Parliament as far as our conditions allow, but I must admit that there was no rebellion. Not because of me, however. We organized several demonstrations in 2014, but people were not interested. Unfortunately, we don't have the proper social backing in this matter yet. As far as the EU is concerned, we have never been against Europe, we've had problems with the current operation of the EU. We have two options: either we continue fighting for the Europe of Nations, a new direction for the community, or we quit. I believe that the first option is the responsible choice now. Our political agenda has always been to modify certain points of the accession treaty and have a referendum on those. It has never changed. Perhaps the tone softened up a bit. As far as the foreign currency loans are concerned, I think we have done everything we could in opposition.
– Do you think there will be another situation when you occupy the Speaker's platform in Parliament, the way you did when you protested against the land act?
– Yes, if my mind and heart dictated it.  By the way, if we turned back time, I would do the same again. I am proud that we did it.
– Will you wear the Guard's vest again?
– I sincerely trust that if we get into government, the Hungarian National Assembly will pass legislation, based on Swiss and American examples, to create the legal framework for volunteers to protect the nation. This was our original intention, but the Socialist and Fidesz governments criminalized the issue, because they were afraid of the power lying in it. If that moment comes, I will wear the vest.
– When someone made a derogatory remark about Gypsies, you sent him to stay with a Jobbik member of Gypsy origin to reconsider what he had done. When a representative hurt the feelings of the Jewish community, he had to take flowers to the shoes on the bank of River Danube. If someone attacks the gay pride march in the summer, will he have to go to a gay bar?
– The question is funny, but I don't think these situations are funny at all. I am very angry when someone is willing to destroy the selfless efforts of a lot of people, just because he is unable to step out of the "Gypsy-Jew-Homosexual" Bermuda triangle.
– Does this mean they must not deal with this Bermuda triangle?
– Every issue must be dealt with in the proper way.  There is a tough and provocative homosexual lobby, but those who go to these marches to fight them are actually doing them a favour. The anti-Semite vs. Nazi debate belongs to the 20th century. Jobbik is a 21st-century party, so we want to leave behind these infertile debates of the past. It won't be easy, because there are grave social and historical wounds to heal mutually. The core experience for Christian Hungarians is the activity of the Commissars in 1919 and certain figures of the Communist retaliation, while the Holocaust means the same for the Jewish community. I can see that everybody keeps repeating their own messages, there is a dialogue of the deaf, which further increases tensions. This is an issue that can and should be discussed, just like you can express your opinion about Israel's international policy. I believe the discourse on such issues could take us ahead instead of backwards, if we all could go beyond our limits.
– And the Gypsies?
– Out of the three issues, this is the truly decisive one.  Hungarian-Gypsy co-habitation is a bomb ticking away, and we should really stop making these evasive, politically correct statements. We must declare openly that there is a severe problem in terms of demography, criminality, social issues and so on. Our programme is available for anyone to read. It contains no reference whatsoever to Hungarian citizens being discriminated based on ethnic or religious identity. In a nutshell, the point is that the integration of Gypsies does not only mean giving rights and benefits but, first and foremost, to meet responsibilities. The absurd thing about this is that Jobbik and the honest part of the Gypsy community are the only ones who actually support this solution, but the masses living in deep ignorance, assisted by Fidesz and MSZP, don't even want to hear of responsibilities.  


Tears in Tapolca

– You called the victory at the Tapolca election historical, even though you could only increase the number of votes by a few hundred compared to 2014.  Based on the sheer numbers, you could not attract new voters, it's just that the supporters of other parties stayed at home. Why would this victory be "historical"?
– This is Fidesz' communication.  I lived in the constituency for a week and I saw we could attract a lot of new voters, especially the disappointed masses of government supporters. And the victory is huge, because we won in a single-member constituency for the first time, which no new political parties have been able to do in the past 25 years. Lajos Rig and Jobbik knocked the first brick out of the wall of the false change of the political system. And the crack we created finally allowed the light of the 21st century to shine into the darkness of the 20th.
– How poetic…
– I was inspired by this great success. I must admit that when our victory was certain, I even shed a tear, especially when Lajos hugged his wife to thank for for all the support. In my defence, I wasn't the only person touched emotionally in that room.

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