Gábor Vona: Jobbik is the opposition force

Analysing the conclusions of the mid-term Parliamentary elections in the town of Tapolca, Gábor Vona called Jobbik the opposition force.

In his press conference on Monday, the party president referred to Lajos Rig's triumph as a historic event, adding that the myth of a "glass ceiling" limiting Jobbik's growth was finally busted. Vona said the previous mid-term election in Veszprém was already conducted in an atmosphere hopeful of government change, while this one revealed that the force capable of government change was Jobbik.

Gábor Vona also reflected on the failure of the Socialists and the Democratic Coalition, stating that his party would be the challenger of the government in the next general elections.

Talking about Lajos Rig, Vona said that he would be focusing on healthcare issues in the Hungarian National Assembly and keep on working as a "relentless advocate" of the Tapolca Hospital, hoping that the government parties live up to their promises to retain it.

According to the data published by the National Election Office Sunday evening, Lajos Rig has obtained 35.27% of all votes after 99.13% of ballots counted, although the result is not official yet.

Last October, Lajos Rig won a seat in Tapolca's municipal council in the 5th individual electoral district of the town. However, concurrent possession of seats in the National Assembly and the municipal council is subject to a conflict of interest, so if Lajos Rig indeed wins the mid-term elections after all ballots counted, the politician will have to resign from his seat in the local governing body. His successor will be chosen by the citizens of Tapolca's 5th electoral district in another local mid-term election. The event will have to be held within 120 days after the vacancy occurs, in other words, the date of Lajos Rig's resignation from the council.


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