Gábor Vona: Hungary must be protected from Viktor Orbán and his obsessions

Which explanation do you think is more credible? Viktor Orbán refuses to back Jobbik’s initiative for a European wage union because “he is unable to support anything other than his personal property” or because “no wage union” (which has not even been implemented by the way) “has ever helped a Hungarian to make a penny more”. Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona yet again warned that Hungary’s future must not be built on Viktor Orbán’s obsessions.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán evaluated the latest and most successful national consultation in Parliament on Monday, and presented the findings to the National Assembly. He began his speech with a promise of his, which he had already failed to meet, starting like this: as long as he is the Prime Minister...

In his response, Mr Vona recalled that Jobbik had launched the Real National Consultation on a much lower budget, still receiving over 500 000 citizens’ opinion on Hungary’s healthcare and education as well as the rampant corruption. Jobbik’s president pointed out to the MPs that while the government had abandoned healthcare and education, the connection to corruption was still very much alive. Citing examples, he said bailed-out hospitals were in debt again, thousands of GP positions were unfilled and the demographic of medical practitioners was getting older and older, too. In  the meantime, Mr Orbán keeps avoiding the topic of healthcare “like the devil runs from incense smoke”.

“Lőrinc Mészáros is your personal strawman, he amasses the fortune for you, not for himself,” Mr Vona addressed the Prime Minister. Then he asked him: “How much export revenue is generated by Mr Mészáros’ companies? Who else outside Hungary seeks to do business with Mr Mészáros?” He referred to the commonly held opinion that the plumber of Felcsút gained a fortune through devouring EU funds rather than doing real business. Mr Vona said corruption was “not a human weakness but the essence of the government’s operation”, i.e, that of the crime syndicate headed by Mr Orbán.

Going on to the issue of the wage union, the opposition leader explained that, together with the representatives of eight Eastern Central European countries, Jobbik had launched the initiative to ensure that Hungarian wages could rise and that everybody could make ends meet in their homeland. He added that he was fully aware how complex this issue was and that it could not be realized overnight since workers of different sectors were in quite different situations. That is why we need competitive Hungarian enterprises and a “new European Union” that relies on a new cohesion fund system, he stated.

Why does Viktor Orbán refuse to back it? Mr Vona asked, providing the highly likely answer, too: “Because it’s not yours! You are unable to support anything other than your personal property, just like a child in the kindergarten, if I can’t have the sand shovel, let it be destroyed!” The president of the largest opposition party also emphasized that they would keep the border fence after they get into power in 2018, and they would establish the border guard service, too. He asserted that they would not sell residency permits and they would let neither poor nor rich migrants in Hungary.

On the other hand, Jobbik will not allow Viktor Orbán to build our future on his obsessions. “Hungary must be protected from your obsessions, too,” Mr Vona said to Mr Orbán, adding that Mr Orbán was no longer able to govern Hungary properly, he had no other goal than to keep his power. Talking about the PM’s struggle with the “voices in his head”, i.e., his anti-Soros and/or anti-Simicska mania, Mr Vona put them down to Mr Orbán being bought by George Soros at the beginning of his career. He repeated: “It’s Viktor Orbán and his obsessions that must be stopped!”


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