Gábor Vona accepts Student Parliament’s invitation and attends debate of Prime Minister Candidates

Gábor Vona was the first to accept the invitation for the debate of Prime Minister Candidates organized by students and agreed to change his schedule so that he could attend their demonstration on February 23. Jobbik’s politician in charge of education affairs Dóra Dúró explained the details to the media.

Back on Monday, Dóra Dúró and Gábor Vona asked for a meeting with the leaders of the recent student demonstrations. The next day the representatives of the Student Parliament invited all Prime Minister Candidates to conduct a professional debate where they could get an insight into each other’s and the students’ plans and ideas, too. Gábor Vona accepted the invitation. Alfahír asked Dóra Dúró about the event. 

You and Gábor Vona initiated a meeting with the leaders of the student demonstrations early this week. Why was it so important for you?

Because we can see that the government ignores the students’ propositions and we don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Fully aware of Jobbik’s responsibility as the most popular party with Hungarian youth, we believe students’ ideas should be considered, they should be actively involved and it is very important that their voice be heard and they can never be intimidated. That’s why we wanted to have this meeting.

We are told that Gábor Vona accepted the students’ invitation. What kind of outcome do you expect from this debate? 

One outcome is certain: the young generations and students will surely be actively involved in the election campaign. The other reason why Gábor Vona thinks this debate is so important is because he believes modern education will have a key and strategic role in the 21st century. Of course, it requires a paradigm shift and this forum will give us all an excellent chance to exchange our views on this highly important issue. 

What is Jobbik’s offer to the young generations?

We must reform our education system so that it could meet the challenges of the 21st century. For example, learning English and the acquisition of digital skills should be given much more emphasis in the curricula. We also want students to have an institutionalized representation.

Viktor Orbán will not attend the debate. That’s a message, too.

The governing party keeps away from any professional debates. The fact that neither Viktor Orbán nor Minister Zoltán Balog was willing to receive the student delegation or attend the debate sends a particularly bad message to our youth. I believe it’s a clear indication that they are not interested in the problems of the young generations.

There will be another student demonstration on February 23. Do you think these protests could shake the holders of power?

Gábor Vona and I will both attend this demonstration, too. It is important for our youth to feel that there is a significant political force backing them and supporting them in their struggle. On the other hand, we obviously want to avoid putting the event in a partisan light but we still urge all students and young people to voice their interests.

You are saying you urge students to let their voice be heard but the power has recently given a little demonstration to students as to what they should expect if they express what they want. I mean the fact that the police searched the house of a student who was a speaker at the latest demonstration...

The kind of treatment of citizens you mentioned is truly shocking. It is astounding that a self-proclaimed democratic Hungarian government searches the house of a student. This government must be ousted and the political culture must be changed but it can only happen if the young generations stand by a political force that is able to carry it out and has a realistic chance to replace the currrent government, too. Jobbik is clearly the only one able to do so.


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