Foreign Affairs policy

In the post-regime change era, Hungarian foreign policy has set itself three objectives: the improvement of the circumstances of Hungarians living in neighbouring countries, the development of good relations with our neighbours, and effective integration into the strategic European and North Atlantic communities. The last twenty years has proven, that these three objectives have only partially been achieved.

Jobbik’s objectives are: the reincorporation into the national body of both Western and Carpathian-basin Hungarians, a resolute and independent Central and Eastern European foreign policy, an active policy towards the Balkans, closer relationships with those nations related to us by culture and descent, a balanced economic and political cooperation with all the great powers on the international stage, the development and support of a Hungarian-to-Hungarian institutional network, and political and economic openness towards the East.

Jobbik considers its most important task to be the reunification of a Hungarian nation unjustly torn apart during the course of the 20th century. It is our most fundamental moral duty to represent the interests and defend the rights of Hungarian communities. We will strive, perpetually, for the collective rights of the Hungarians of the Carpathian basin, and for the realisation of their territorial, economic and cultural self-determination.

In contrast to the foreign policy carried out beforehand towards the EU and the North Atlantic region, we will operate a policy that promotes our interests with both decisiveness and determination. Jobbik also considers it important to welcome those American Hungarians, who have preserved their awareness of their national origins, back into Hungarian public life.

We will develop a partner relationship with Russia, which should bring our homeland positive economic and national-political benefits. We shall pursue cooperation with the Far-East and the South-East Asian region, in the interests of our mutual benefit, through the utilization of advantages which originate in our capacity to be a geographical bridgehead. With the United States we intend developing the kind of bilateral relationship, which consistently and transparently promotes our national interests.

We shall also widen diplomatic relations with Arab nations, and will promote the creation of an independent Palestinian state, moreover, we shall accept a greater role in promoting the continued existence of Christian communities in the Middle-East. In the case of Central Asian nations, we shall reinforce the development of political and economic relations on the basis of cultural relationships, given our ancient kinship with the peoples of that region.

We will guarantee every Hungarian the right to Hungarian citizenship, and thus, to have their voices heard in matters concerning the national interest. We will review the treaties agreed with our neighbouring countries, and reposition them onto more sound foundations. And with every single political instrument at our disposal we shall promote and support the efforts of Hungarians beyond the border to achieve self-determination. Jobbik will diligently strive in its foreign policy, for the closer cooperation of Central-European states, on the pre-condition that the rights of the Hungarian minorities living in those states are resolved.