For the people: Jobbik refuses to participate in the farce called presidential election

Jobbik’s Board has decided not to nominate a candidate for President of the Republic and the party will not endorse any of the potential candidates mentioned so far, i.e., János Áder for a second term or László Majtényi. As the leader of our Parliamentary faction, I will suggest Jobbik MPs not to take over their ballot sheets when it comes to voting this spring.

Jobbik believes that the only way for any candidate to become President of the Republic in today’s Hungary is “if Viktor allows it.” Jobbik does not wish to participate in this farce as a flesh-and-blood piece of the stage set. Our standpoint remains the same: the institution of the President of the Republic must be enhanced, which could best be legitimized if this person was working for the people, i.e, if he/she was elected directly by the people. We have already prepared the legislation and we will soon submit it to the National Assembly. 


János Volner, vice president and faction leader, Jobbik