Fidesz refuses to discuss the enhancement of V4 cooperation because: Jobbik

As Alfahír reported earlier, the Fidesz majority of the parliamentary committee blocked Jobbik’s motion to establish a permanent Parliamentary Assembly for the V4 Group. Now the House majority has prevented the plenary session of the Parliament to debate the motion, too.

Today, Fidesz MPs voted against the Parliament running a debate on Jobbik’s motion submitted by Gábor Vona, Márton Gyöngyösi and István Szávay. Commenting the decision of the Parliament’s majority, MP Szávay said: “I am perplexed by this decision, I think the motion was probably turned down because it was ours.” Jobbik’s MP added that nobody disagreed with the idea itself, so he did not understand the delay.

Explaining that the current geopolitical situation required the V4 countries to intensify their cooperation, the MP noted that “a Parliamentary pillar of the V4 Group would help intensify relations and carry the commitment for the cooperation from one governmental term to the other.” However, as Mr Szávay revealed, Fidesz refused to conduct a debate on the matter. Pathetically enough, the government’s parliamentary majority even blocked the development of a common position.

The MP said the wording of Jobbik’s proposal was not carved in stone, and the party was open to reach a consensus on such matters as establishing a permanent V4 Parliamentary Assembly, intensifying the cooperation or potentially inviting Croatia or Austria to the Group. Emphasizing that Jobbik had always supported the government’s idea to promote cooperation in the V4 Group, Mr Szávay expressed how perplexed he was that Fidesz had just refused to raise the process to a whole new level.


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