Fidesz’ PDP policy must never triumph over honesty and morality

It is an utter moral shame for Fidesz and Viktor Orbán that Zsolt Borkai could remain in the mayor’s seat after his outrageous corruption and drug scandal. Today we learnt that Europe’s most corrupt government stops at nothing as long as they can steal public funds in the city of Győr and keep this county seat under control through their morally and politically dead puppet. When Zsolt Borkai announced that he quit Fidesz and was going to work as an independent mayor, he explained that he didn’t want to “put a moral burden on Fidesz” but he will “of course continue to cooperate with Fidesz-Christian Democrats”. In other words, he doesn’t wish to put a moral burden on Fidesz but he has no problem putting such burden on his city and his community.

Jobbik believes that Borkai has just lied again; he and his Fidesz keep taking voters for fools. This pathetic masquerade was pointless because the mayor who committed these criminal acts actually remained a part of Fidesz just as he was before. Fidesz’ shocking crisis of values was already evident when the supposedly national conservative governing party, an advocate of Christian freedom, failed to immediately recall Borkai from the mayoral race as soon as he was busted.

If Borkai and Viktor Orbán are unable to make the morally right decision, then the new city council will have to withdraw its confidence from the mayor, or the citizens of Győr will need to demonstrate in the streets and send the message that their city cannot be such an absurd place where illegal and immoral acts have no consequences. Fidesz’ PDP (Public funds, Drugs, Prostitutes) policy must not be allowed to triumph over honesty and morality.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary