Fidesz might provide the majority for pro-immigration forces in EP


Talking to Fidesz lawmakers at their faction meeting, Viktor Orbán identified immigration as the stake of the elections: he believes the vote will decide if pro-immigration forces could gain a majority in the European Parliament. We know the answer for that one. If Fidesz wins, it can ensure their majority because the Orbán government has already settled 64 thousand migrants in Hungary just in the past 3 years. Moreover, back in March 2018 all Fidesz MEPs voted in agreement to finance the Y2019 budget of the refugee, migration and integration fund, which is basically aimed at assisting the settlement of immigrants in all member states of the European Union.


Jobbik believes that, instead of settling immigrants here, Hungary’s labour shortage issues should be solved through raising wages and bringing home the Hungarian workers who were driven away.



Péter Jakab, Jobbik’s spokesman