Fidesz MEPs decide: No need to protect Hungar

In Wednesday's plenary session, the European Parliament discussed a submission titled "Situation in Hungary" – for the second time this year. In this submission, the initiating parliamentary committee calls the European Commission to account for the lack of sanctions against Hungary, including the potential withdrawal of the country's voting rights. The obvious reason for putting the issue on the agenda was Hungary's immigration policy. The leftist-liberal MEPs making a speech in the debate (including two Hungarian representatives) urged to impose sanctions against Hungary.

Fidesz MEPs did not participate in the debate, they didn't even show up in the room, in other words, they failed to defend Hungary – just like the speaker on behalf of their faction, the European People's Party. On the other hand, Hungarian migration policy was backed by such political forces as the British conservatives, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the French National Front and myself, speaking as a representative of Jobbik.

I expressed my view that there were two particular aspects of the rule of law and democracy which need improvement in Hungary: corruption and unbalanced media representation. Instead, Hungary and the Hungarian people are attacked by EU bureaucrats for defending the Hungarian and thus the Schengen borders, too. The organized immigration we witness is part of a war, against which we need a common as well as efficient migration policy. I also categorically rejected any allegations that Hungarian people were xenophobic.


MEP Zoltán Balczó, Jobbik