Fidesz is driving a nail into the coffin of freedom of speech, but Jobbik is going to end Fidesz’ rule

Instead of a legislation requiring a two-thirds majority in Parliament, Fidesz is now trying to mute Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign by passing a bill needing just a simple majority.

Being terrified of Jobbik, Viktor Orbán, as expectable from a burnt-out communist, restricts the freedom of speech and expression by first pushing the opposition out of the state-owned public media and now from the outdoor media as well. In the meantime, Fidesz agency Civil Union Forum and the government are still allowed to flood the public discourse with their dishonest propaganda at discounted media rates to divert people’s attention from humiliatingly low wages and pensions, our destroyed education, our abandoned healthcare, the wrecked foreign currency debtors and our youth fleeing the country.

If you tell the truth about how Fidesz’ immeasurable corruption drains money away from our welfare systems, you get steamrolled by Fidesz’ Bolshevik agenda. While they believe in North Korean values, we believe in the rule of law. That’s why together with You, the people of Hungary, we are going to replace them in 2018.


János Volner, vice president and faction leader, Jobbik