Fidesz is afraid

Fidesz is coming up with more and more hair-raising ideas to block out all of its political opponents and have its own communication being the only message available in public areas and the media as well. Fidesz MP Gergely Gulyás’ latest proposal to ban political parties from using outdoor media communication outside the election campaign period just puts the dictatorships of developing countries to shame.

The motion violates such fundamental rights as the freedom of speech and expression and it presumably is anti-Constitutional, too. If this logic is accepted, even the parties’ media advertisements could be disallowed, which is obviously not in Fidesz’ interest due to the government’s weight in the media. Besides, it’s easy to work out that Fidesz would continue to use its Civil Union Forum to do the dirty job of running outdoor campaigns to smear the opponents or hype up the government. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the fact that Mr Gulyás’ proposal would not ban the government’s fake NGO from using outdoor media. Fidesz is afraid. It is afraid of Jobbik, it is afraid of losing its power and it does not even refrain from submitting anti-democratic motions.


Gábor Staudt, Member of Parliament, Jobbik