Fidesz' corruption terrorism threatens Hungary's economic stability

Hungary is a place where, under Fidesz' rule, even anti-corruption funds get stolen. According to sources in Brussels, the Commission's next report on the management and control mechanisms of EU funds may contain grave conclusions: the requirement to evaluate tenders in an unbiased manner free of any undue influence is not met, in other words, most EU funds are won by a pre-determined group of businesses. So PM Viktor Orbán's corruption terrorism may actually lead to a situation where Hungary loses structural and cohesion funds worth thousands of billions of HUF.

Jobbik has already pointed out many times that Fidesz hands out EU funds to its own preferred oligarchs, and this practice seems to have finally caught the attention of Brussels decision makers, after enraging many Hungarian taxpayers. We are convinced that the money should be spent on supporting Hungarian small and medium enterprises in their research, development and innovation projects instead of lining the pockets of Mr. Orbán's inner circle. In order to halt Fidesz-like corruption terrorism, we believe it's vital to establish an anti-corruption prosecution office, which is completely independent from all political parties.


Jobbik MP Tibor Bana, vice-chairman of the Committee on European Affairs, Hungarian National Assembly