"Fidesz can't protect Hungary" - Jobbik to summon National Security Committee


“Recent media reports suggest that Fidesz is unable to protect Hungary,” said Jobbik MP and chairman of the Hungarian Parliament’s national security committee Ádám Mirkóczki in his press conference held in Budapest on Monday. “If you claim being a protector of Hungary, you perhaps shouldn’t deny the existence of the people who were secretly granted refugee and subsidiary protection status,” the opposition politician noted. He emphasized that the international conventions on asylum seekers must be respected but “the government shouldn’t spread the lie that Hungary refuses to respect these treaties and allows nobody to come here”.

Recalling a recent case widely covered by the Hungarian media, Mr Mirkóczki talked about the Afghan man who had secretly been granted protection status and was wanted by the police for sexual abuse committed last weekend. He added that the authorities had had no idea of the individual’s whereabouts for months.

In the opposition politician’s view, this is just another case showing that the government allows anyone to come to Hungary as long as they pay up. A recently published article of an investigative journalist suggests that protection status was given to people who “to use an understatement, mean a national security risk for Hungary,” on account of their ties to intelligence services or criminal organizations. As he put it, several parties had already initiated summoning the national security committee and he was trying to set the meeting for next Monday; he was discussing the matter with Fidesz to let the body meet at that time.


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