Fidesz arrives at yet another station of its hazardous ploy destroying Hungary

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary regrets to hear the news of the latest episode in Fidesz’ hazardous ploy destroying Hungary. Even though the European People’s Party (EPP) allowed Fidesz to “voluntarily” agree to its membership rights being suspended in an attempt to save some face, Fidesz has clearly taken its first concrete step to exit the European Union.

The European People’s Party gave a very serious warning to Viktor Orbán but the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to have learnt from it and, even in the few hours that passed since the vote, he has managed to demonstrate how he cares about nothing but his own arrogance. Unfortunately, the consequences of Orbán’s and Fidesz’ irresponsible policies will be felt by all Hungarian people on their own skin: Fidesz’ suspension by the EPP means that Hungary’s governing party lost its voting rights in such matters as the next budget of the European Union, for example. In the next few months, we will see the outcome of Fidesz’ kicking up the table in the form of EU funds reduced by thousands of billions. Agricultural funding, development, highway construction and healthcare modernization projects will be jeopardized. In light of the above, the Hungarian National Assembly must immediately develop a contingency plan to preserve Hungary’s economic viability in order to save Hungarian farmers and protect the Hungarian rural areas that are drifting into a hopeless situation for the interim period while Viktor Orbán is in government.

Having evaluated the circumstances, Jobbik expresses its concerns over how Orbán is behaving like a child throwing a temper tantrum and how he is willing to risk Hungary’s EU membership just for his short-term interests in power.

Jobbik wishes to continue conducting a responsible policy and do its best to minimize the negative impacts of the government’s policy on the people of Hungary. We believe in a fair and safe Europe as well as a free Hungary that ensures predictable conditions for its citizens in their daily lives.


Márton Gyöngyösi, Executive Vice President, Jobbik