Fidesz admits letting tens of thousands of migrants into Hungary

The immigration organizer government had nowhere to retreat so they had to admit that they had allowed tens of thousands of migrants to enter Hungary, despite the billions of the taxpayers’ money spent on advertising how they defended our country. Jobbik MP Koloman Brenner questioned the government in this matter in the Parliament. State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office Balázs Orbán admitted that they failed to protect the country; tens of thousands of immigrants arrived in Hungary each year, including internationally wanted terrorists. The state secretary’s statements are supported by the data of the Central Statistical Office of Hungary.

Unlike the pro-immigration government, Jobbik would set up a special border guard service to protect the border and fully vet the migrants brought in by Fidesz-Christian Democrats.

MTI Hungarian News Agency refused to release this communiqué, claiming it violated State Secretary Balázs Orbán’s personality rights.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary