Europe's Pontius Pilate, Germany

Berlin's acts in the migration issue are dislikeable and misleading. 

In today's governmental press conference, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office János Lázár asked the diplomats of the German Embassy to go over to Keleti Railway Station and clarify Germany's standpoint for the refugees. He requested them to step up in front of the migrants and tell them what they can expect and what conditions they need to meet to get into Germany. He added that the state secretary of the German Ministry of Interior Affairs allegedly advised Orbán's colleagues that 

the Hungarians should handpick 250-300 people from the refugees and let them board the train without informing the media.  

The German Embassy's reaction to Lázár's statements and request was

absolutely nothing. 

Yesterday, they posted a few lines of "information" in Hungarian and English on their website. All you can learn from it is that "the Dublin III Regulation is the law in Europe" and each person will be registered in the country in which they entered the European Union. In other words, migrants cannot possibly go on to Germany unless we register them here. The rule even applies to Syrian refugees, whose reception Chancellor Angela Merkel has talked about recently. However, even the most desperate immigrants, who may perhaps be checking out the website of the German Embassy in Budapest on a daily basis, won't be able to make out that information from those few lines. And you should have no doubt: that's exactly what Berlin wants. 

Hungary should stick to the long failed EU regulations, hold the front and face the music from human rights critics, while Germany washes her hands like Europe's Pontius Pilate. 

In the meantime, we are almost the last Central European country still willing to respect the spectacularly collapsed Dublin Convention, while Volker Kauder, the governing CDU/CSU's faction leader keeps repeating that the convention must be respected and the German Embassy does nothing but parrot him. Meanwhile, the hypocritical and mendacious Hungarian and Western liberal opinion shapers pretend to be dumbfounded by the inhumane behaviour of the Hungarians. In fact, the helpless migrants stuck at Keleti Railway Station still keep chanting Merkel's name...