European pillar of social rights would be complete with the Wage Union, union leader says

President of the Forum for the Co-operation of Trade Unions (SZEF) András Földiák welcomes the European Pillar of Social Rights adopted in Gothenburg and suggests that the Jobbik-launched Wage Union directly derives from the proclamation.

Talking on Radio Lánchíd on Friday, Mr Földiák said the European Union had primarily been motivated by economic interests but it might mark a “highly significant change” that EU leaders had finally “turned their attention to EU citizens”. The union leader stated that the adoption of the European social pillar was a fundamental and long-awaited change. As he put it, fears that the declaration of nice principles might not be followed up in practice were “not entirely baseless” but he emphasized that setting the goals was an important step, anyway. He explained that trade unions would now need to “exercise a very powerful effect” in each Member State to make sure that the words were followed by actions.

SZEF’s president expressed his opinion that Jobbik’s initiative for a wage union was “very much in line” with the adopted concept that “people should not do humiliating work for humiliating wages”. In Hungary, minimum wage is not even enough for “basic reproduction” since it is below the level of subsistence last calculated and established several years ago, Mr Földiák asserted.


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