European Committee of the Regions: Fidesz-Socialist broad coalition

During the 2015-2020 mid-term re-election of the Hungarian members delegated to the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Fidesz represented nothing but its own interests instead of the nation and our community, and supported the Socialist Party (MSZP) in the process.

Jobbik proposed to take over the vice presidency from MSZP’s delegate, thus allowing the national people’s party to be proportionately represented in the leadership of the Hungarian delegation and the CoR, in line with Jobbik’s weight and number of delegates.

However, most Fidesz delegates openly declared that Jobbik’s involvement in such a role was not desirable for them, in fact, they were trying to suppress the party that was going to be their challenger in the 2018 national elections. None of the propositions submitted by the real opposition forces were accepted. Instead, Fidesz formed an ad hoc broad coalition with fake opposition party MSZP and gave the Socialists the vice presidency.

The Jobbik-delegated members of the CoR are astounded and outraged by how Fidesz exported its selfish authoritarianism to the CoR, an attitude so familiar from Hungarian domestic politics. Nevertheless, Jobbik remains fully dedicated to representing Hungarian national interests in Brussels.


János Árgyelán and Róbert Dudás, members of the EU Committee of the Regions