European Commission registers initiative for Wage Union

Breaking news: the European Commission has registered Jobbik’s initiative for a wage union, which means that the collection of signatures may begin.

Jobbik has recently launched a citizens’ initiative for a European wage union, announced as Step 2 of the “Vona18” programme. The representatives of the following countries signed the founding charter: Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary. The objective is to ensure that EU citizens receive equal wages for equal work.

After the declaration of the initiative, Jobbik’s president emphasized that it was reaching far beyond the issue of European wages: it aimed for competitive domestic enterprises, a new cohesion policy and a new European Union with more solidarity where eastern member states could feel at home, too. He also noted that their citizens’ initiative for a wage union was not against Western Europe. It is not charity they are after. Instead, they want the European community to provide equal conditions for each member state. Criticizing the current situation, he said that the movement of workers was one-directional and a “price union” had already been implemented while a wage union had not.

The initiative has been considered by the European Commission and the following decision has been made: Brussels registered the initiative, so the collection of signatures may begin. One million statements of support need to be collected in one year for the European Commission to put the matter on its agenda.


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