EU treaty change possible

Talking to BBC in an interview, the Chancellor of leading EU power Germany stated that certain changes to the EU treaty may be possible and she expressed her confidence that the community would find solutions for the concerns raised by the UK.

Angela Merkel's statements may give us a glimmer of hope. In Jobbik's view the current EU system which is taking the organization towards a United States of Europe will lead to Hungary's deprivation and exploitation as a food waste dump and a source of wage slaves. Jobbik believes in a Europe of Nations, a Europe that is based on a loose and mutually beneficial relationship of sovereign states. This concept is built upon the versatility, equality and mutual interests of nations.

Following up on Angela Merkel's statements, Jobbik continues urging the Hungarian government to request a review of the EU treaty to such effect. If it does not happen now, a new Jobbik government put in place by the citizens' votes will do so.


Tibor Bana,

Member of Parliament, vice chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the Hungarian National Assembly