EU favours Western Europe, not us

In Jobbik’s view, recent events have clearly shown that the EU’s development policies in fact favour Western countries instead of Eastern Central Europe, so the region needs a new development strategy.

In his press conference held in Budapest on Friday, Jobbik’s deputy Parliamentary faction leader Márton Gyöngyösi referred to a recent interview given by EU Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther Oettinger to a German magazine in which the Commissioner said the reason why the EU did not punish Poland and Hungary by withholding the structural funds was because these sums were primarily used for placing orders with the German industry.

This statement seems to justify Jobbik‘s long-held concern that Hungary’s balance with the EU is not quite as positive as the current Hungarian governments and the West keep claiming, Mr Gyöngyösi explained, adding that PM Viktor Orbán was also indifferent about the problem as his government „assists this system.“

The opposition politician emphasized that in two weeks his party was going to launch its initiative for a European wage union aiming to truly promote the integration of the region.

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