EU-flag removed from the Representatives' Office Building by Jobbik MPs

The flag of the European Union was removed by Levente Muranyi and Elod Novak Jobbik MPs from the Representatives Office Building in Budapest. The building houses the political parties and their representatives and is owned by the state.

Before removing the EU flag from the building, Elod Novak noted that a law passed in 2004 made it compulsory for all public institutions, except the Parliament building, to display the EU flag.

The Jobbik representative announced that he tabled a bill in Parliament, which would allow the removal of the EU flags from public buildings, or at least amend the regulation to make the display voluntary only.

The flag taken off from the building was handed over to the Speaker of the House.

Levente Muranyi said one of the keys to national sovereignty is to get rid of the European Union from which Hungary has benefited nothing.