EP elections: historical breakthrough of Jobbik

A historical milestone has been reached by Jobbik on the European elections held on May 25. The right-radical party got the second place by gaining 14,8 percent of the votes and can send three members to the European Parliament.

“I have an important announcement to make. As of today the second strongest party of Hungary is called Jobbik” the president of the party, Gabor Vona told at the election's night, gaining huge applause from the public. Vona thanked the activity of the supporters of the party during the campaign, reminding his audience what a shameful attack Jobbik had to face from the side of governing Fidesz. It is known that the governing party even used the state intelligence services for its political purposes in the campaign against Jobbik, when it instigated a smear-campaign against Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács.

Jobbik has made significant and continuous progress at every election so for, yet, the main goal, defeating the Socialist Party (MSZP) and attaining the second position could not be reached. Now it has been achieved, Vona said. The good result has proven as well, that Jobbik cannot be broken, it is a “stable party that is hard as concrete” added the president of the party.  Now, Jobbik is ready to be the challenger of the governing Fidesz on the next elections.

However, Jobbik still has to work a lot to overtake Fidesz. The governing party, despite the fact that it had lost approximately 1 million voters still gained 51 percent at the EP elections, that were characterized by an extremely low turnout of 27 percent. At the same time, the Socialist Party reached only 10 percent, and after having lost its position as the second party it is now threatened by the secessionist left-wing group of the ex-PM Ferenc Gyurcsany.

The low turnout at the EP election was a clear message from the Hungarian people, showing that they disapprove of the current direction of the European Union, Gabor Vona announced. “We want a Europe but not this kind of union” he stressed. The president of the party told that Jobbik had remained the only force that stood on the side of the Hungarian people.

In his speech Gabor Vona congratulated the three newly elected MEPs of Jobbik, Krisztina Morvai, Zoltan Balczo and Bela Kovacs and reminded his audience that the winners of the future are usually the second-placed of the past. In the spirit of this he insisted on working hard to reach electoral victory in 2018.


Szalay Szabolcs