Environmental jeopardy

Orbán has just proven once again that he is only interested in political issues as long as they allow his clientèle to gain business profit. It seems that the protection of our environment is not one of those issues.

Although we believe it should have been done much earlier, Jobbik, as the Hungarian people’s party, welcomed the National Assembly’s agenda to have a debate on the bill to ban throwaway plastics. Surprisingly enough however, the bill was withdrawn before Wednesday’s parliamentary session. As of yet, we don’t have the answer why. We can only hope it wasn’t the management of the pro-government casinos or Fidesz-tied event organizers that told the government they still had a huge stock of unused plastic straws?! Or perhaps the government’s news propagator has too many plastic beer mugs left in his taxpayer-sponsored pub? We can only hope that this section of Orbán’s already pretty tenuous environmental action plan has not been weakened even further by some behind-the-scenes lobby activity! Is this why the government is looking for ways to get out of the EU obligation?

Jobbik is asking the governing parties to think about how they would handle the growing heap of waste before they submit a new motion. How will they collect the waste selectively? The reason we are asking these questions is because the replacement products will be made of paper but selective waste management is not even in its infancy in Hungary, it’s rather just in a very early stage of fetal development.


Tibor Nunkovics, deputy parliamentary group leader, Jobbik

Róbert Dudás, vice president, Jobbik