Entire political left has collapsed along with the Socialist party

In today’s Hungary, there is only one party to replace the government, and it’s none other than Jobbik, concluded Péter Jakab after summing up Monday’s events. In his Budapest press conference, the spokesman of the strongest opposition party commented the news that the Socialist Party (MSZP) had lost its PM candidate. Furthermore, Mr Jakab also emphasized that “the entire political left collapsed along with MSZP”.

Referring to the Botka-Vona debate scheduled for Monday evening, he suggested it might not have been purely coincidental that the Socialist politician threw in the towel on the exact same day. Calling Mr Botka’s withdrawal from the race a historic event, the spokesman explained that “MSZP has taken the road to irreversible, complete failure, just like the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) did a few years ago”.

Commenting on the statements made by ex-PM candidate László Botka and resigned Socialist vice president István Újhelyi, Mr Jakab said they admitted that MSZP was unable and unwilling to replace the Orbán regime: instead of changing the government, all they aimed for was a faction and a few seats in Parliament and some lucrative committee memberships. However, the spokesman also expressed his doubts whether MSZP, now rated below 10 per cent in the polls, would win any parliamentary seats at all in 2018. “For them, it’s all about getting into the Parliament and not about changing the government,” Mr Jakab stated.

“Now all Hungarian people know that any votes for MSZP will help Fidesz,” the politician asserted, emphasizing that “along with MSZP, this means the collapse of the entire political left, which is nothing but a group of small parties infiltrated by Fidesz and doing their little catfights. They can demonstrate no strength, either together or on their own”.

In Hungary, there is only one party to replace the government, and it’s none other than Jobbik, concluded the politician after summing up Monday’s events. He added that Jobbik offered an option for all citizens who want to replace the government, including left-leaning voters.

“With its programme to promote a European Wage Union, to raise pensions in a proportionate way, to hold politicians accountable and to restore the rule of law, Jobbik offers an alternative to change the government as well as a chance for a free, more liveable and safer Hungary,” he said. In Mr Jakab’s view, Gábor Vona is the only one who can replace Viktor Orbán and Jobbik is the only one to replace Fidesz.

As it was reported earlier, Mr Botka had publicly suggested that left-wing parties had been infiltrated by the Fidesz octopus, but “I am glad to declare that there is still one party in Hungary not infiltrated by the Fidesz octopus, and that is none other than Jobbik. We are looking ahead to the national elections as the only party able to replace the government,” the spokesman predicted.


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