"Eger is not Pyongyang, Hungary is not North Korea"

Jobbik’s posters were removed illegally so they started putting them back up, said the party’s spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki to HirTV News. As the MP put it, “no matter how hard Viktor Orbán wants it, Hungary is not North Korea.” Jobbik’s position is that since the outdoor media signs are now owned by Jobbik, the outdoor media act no longer applies to them.

“Fidesz and Viktor Orbán refuses to allow any message different from their own to be communicated even in public areas now. Our response to that is: this is Eger and not Pyongyang, and Hungary is not North Korea. Of course, we will keep communicating Jobbik’s political messages through the outdoor media outlets that have been in our ownership since 19th September, there’s nothing Fidesz or any authority could do about that,” stated Mr Mirkóczki.


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