Discussion of migration in the Comedy of the Regions

The Committee of the Regions discussed the issue of migration again this week. Contrary to expectations and best practices, president Markku Markkula did not allow for a real debate and asking questions in relation with the topic carried over from June, he didn't even let representatives speak about procedural issues.

Several members of the Hungarian delegation, including all Jobbik delegates, as well as Czech, Italian, Croatian and Slovakian representatives were preparing to make a speech. Altogether there were nearly 30 people who wanted to speak up for limiting migration and protecting Europe. The original draft report was written in line with the expectations of the European Commission, in other words, it promoted unconditional and full support of migration. The final vote showed a balanced yes/no rate but the president established that the majority voted yes without ordering an electronic vote. Subsequently, he announced that the draft was accepted.

Jobbik expresses its concern about and objection to Brussels' practice of trying to silence, ban and remove opinions that are contrary to the Commission standpoint in the European Parliament as well as the Committee of the Regions. This is in utter contradiction with the principles of democracy and freedom of speech so often advocated by the EU, which is basically a dictatorship of liberals, covered in sugar coating.

János Árgyelán and Tamás Gergő Samu, Jobbik members of the Committee of the Regions