“Democracy locked down” - government to adopt new budget and economic action plan

After the Parliament’s two-thirds majority made up of pro-government MPs passed the indefinite emergency powers bill, the lawmakers were allowed to ask questions from Viktor Orbán.

The “133 most cowardly Hungarians”

“When did you lose your common sense?” This is what Péter Jakab asked from PM Orbán after the pro-government MPs passed the indefinite emergency powers bill, which also suspends the active operation of the Parliament indefinitely. Mr Jakab said they knew that Viktor Orbán was always ready to humiliate the Parliament and ridicule the rule of law any time, so it was hardly a surprise that Viktor Orbán had just done it once again with the help of the “133 most cowardly Hungarians”; a reference to the Fidesz lawmakers whom the PM had called the bravest Hungarians earlier.

Jobbik’s president drew a comparison between healthcare, law-enforcement and supermarket workers who work day and night to make sure that citizens’ needs are met and Mr Orbán who spends all this time thinking about how he could save his seat, “racking his brain to find a way to stay in power without elections”.

“Do you have no conscience? How can you look in the mirror after all this?” Mr Jakab asked. Instead of responding to Mr Jakab’s criticism, PM Orbán read out the statistics about the number of coronavirus patients and casualties. 

In his reaction, Péter Jakab questioned the government’s need for indefinite emergency powers to effectively protect the people. Instead, he suggested other measures the government could take, such as the suspension of utility bill payments. “Democracy was locked down today and not just for two weeks but as long as your sense of danger dictates,”

According to the Prime Minister, the government will use its special powers proportionately and sensibly, and he expects the opposition to apologize once the emergency is over.


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