Cover name: Fidesz

Getting into government, Jobbik will immediately release the list of Communist secret police informants and adopt a legislation allowing for a complete lustration. Unlike Fidesz, we are intent on fully exploring the Communist secret police files. Unabashedly enough, Fidesz has been spitting in the faces of the victims of Communism for three decades: despite posing as an anti-Communist party, Fidesz has actually been more Communist than the Socialist Workers’ Party and is full of former agents. Viktor Orbán’s government has been hiding and protecting former Communist collaborators and even keeping them in lucrative jobs so that the dark secrets could be preserved. Jobbik’s firm position is that scoundrels who unscrupulously served the Communist dictatorship by spying and reporting on other citizens should not be involved in our political life.


MP Ádám Mirkóczki, Jobbik