Consultation - Europe’s future lies in a successful wage union

Jobbik urges all responsible Hungarian citizens to participate in the all-European consultation and voice their opinions on the wage gap tearing the European Union apart. In his Thursday press conference, Jobbik’s executive vice-president and parliamentary faction leader said his party considered the Wage Union initiative as the means to call attention to a key issue and major problem that was tearing both the European Union and several EU member states apart. This problem is internal migration which forces hundred thousands and even millions of young people to leave their own homelands in search of a better life and wages.

The opposition politician emphasized that the high unemployment rate, the insecurity of livelihood and the low wages were caused by the low competitiveness of certain countries. Mr Gyöngyösi noted that the deadline for collecting the statements of support was going to expire in 5 days on 22nd May, and the number of signatures collected so far was slightly over 500 thousand. Although this number is below the required 1 million, Jobbik still considers the citizens’ initiative as a success. Explaining the reasons for this opinion, he said that the issue of reducing the wage gap and the principle of equal pay for equal work were addressed in the first question of the all-European consultation on the Union’s future launched by Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The fact that the wage issue is addressed in the consultation is a success for all of us; for all of those who supported the initiative because it helped us to achieve even more than our original goal,” the faction leader explained, adding that the European Commission was turning to the Union’s 500 million people to help make a decision on Europe’s future, including the wage union In Jobbik’s view, all responsible Hungarian citizens should express their opinions in this consultation and they encourage everyone who is interested in Hungary’s future to raise the issue of the equal pay for equal work to the Union. Mr Gyöngyösi added that Jobbik was going to participate in the consultation which will be part of their EP election campaign.


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