Communiqué on the planned military cooperation between the V4 countries and Ukraine

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary categorically rejects that the Hungarian military leadership, supported by the government, motions for involving Ukraine in a joint military combat group to be set up by the countries of the Visegrad Cooperation.

Considering the antecedents and the progress of the Ukraine crisis, Jobbik's standpoint is that the outbreak of this civil war situation is driven by the geopolitical efforts of the United States of America.

Unlike the V4 countries, Ukraine is not a NATO member, so their involvement into such cooperation would pose the threat that the Central European region, including Hungary, would yet again drift into a highly dangerous conflict completely unnecessarily and for foreign interests.

We believe that if the planned cooperation with Ukraine is realized, it will have unforeseeable consequences on the stability and security of Central Europe and Hungary.

Jobbik considers the military confrontation with Russia as a wrong and fundamentally irresponsible step, and calls upon the Hungarian political and military leadership to immediately abandon the Euro-Atlantic inspired adventurous political maneuvering and strive to stay out of the conflict instead, as well as to represent the policy of peaceful conflict settlement, which is the real interest of Hungary, the Central European region and Ukraine as well.