Child poverty tragically growing in Hungary

According to UNICEF’s latest report, 1 in 4 children lives in poverty and 58 percent of them lives in multidimensional deprivation in Hungary today.

The reasons are well-known: parents with low income jobs predestine their children to poverty as well. Due to the destruction of our healthcare system, we are among the lowest ranked in the list of the 41 countries measured. As a result of KLIK Education Centre’s destructive activity, we also dropped to the 30th place in education while we are now at the middle of the list in terms of violent crimes against children.

The tragic data are a clear warning that the improvement of our child protection and well-being system cannot be put off any longer, the healthcare and education budgets must be increased and, first and foremost, the wage union initiative to reduce the gap between Western and Eastern European wages must be supported. Any party that says no to Jobbik’s wage union concept also says no to a growing child poverty.


Sebestyén Vágó, Member of Parliament, Jobbik