Chauvinists may use Ukraine army weapons to hunt for Jobbik members from now on

Ukrainian paramilitary unit Karpatska Sitsh (KS), which has issued threats to execute Hungarian activists, will go on to operate as a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
The extreme Chauvinist youngsters will continue their struggle for an ethnically clean Ukraine as professional soldiers of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, reports local portal
The organization was brought into the limelight when it threatened to "liquidate" the activists of Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) and Jobbik in the Lower Carpathians. KS believes the spraying of Hungarian street signs in the Ung area was "an obvious provocation by Russia”, as Moscow is getting ready to "strike at our home front, our Lower Carpathians." In their view, Moscow's efforts are aided by "hostile Hungarian organizations and parties", so if they "find anti-Ukrainian activities posing a threat to the Ukrainian nation or state, or such ideas being spread", they will have no option but to apply violent measures. The task force threatened to liquidate and arrest HVIM and Jobbik activists as well.
Terrorist units threatening to execute their political opponents can easily be admitted to the Ukrainian army. Furthermore, their members aren't even separated and assigned to different units. They can stay together and they can keep their name as well as their leader, Oleg Kutshin. On Wednesday, they were given weapons, and their military training began.


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