Bruno Gollnisch re-elected as President of the Alliance of European National Movements

The Alliance of European National Movements (AENM) held a two-day congress during the weekend, in Hédervár near Győr where ten countries’ nationalist movements (Poland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Hungary ) attended the meeting.

The AENM was founded on the 24th of October in 2009 at the Sixth Congress of Jobbik in Budapest with the aim to provide an organizational framework to Europe's national movements. The founders of the organization made a joint declaration three years ago stating that Europe should be based on the cooperation of independent states with distinct national identities, traditions, languages and cultures and the EU should be guided by these principles. 

On Saturday, on the 20th of October, 2012 Béla Kovács, the treasurer of the AENM, Jobbik MEP welcomed the participants. In his opening speech he said that it is a great honour for Hungary to host this session in Hédervár since the Alliance of European National Movements will be a decisive force in the forthcoming years. The Jobbik’s representative stressed that he hopes for a successful coalition because Europe needs the diversity of the nations which must be nourished rather than suppressed.

The re-elected leader of the AENM, Bruno Gollnisch Front National member of the European Parliament said the congress is a very important moment in the life of the organization because it provides an opportunity to reassess the achievements of the past and to draw up new plans for the future. He stressed that the next two years will be extremely important because of the upcoming EU parliament elections in 2014 and by the cooperation of the nationalist movements of Europe great results can be achieved at the 2014 elections.

In the second part of the Saturday morning session and in the first part of the afternoon block the representatives of the attending parties analyzed the position of their countries and parties then they had an opportunity to ask questions from one another which enabled them to exchange their experiences. After that, first, Csaba Gyüre Vice-President of Jobbik greeted the national radicals, and then Zoltán Balczó Vice-President of the Hungarian National Assembly in his speech guaranteed his support to the leadership of AENM and the participating representatives.

On Sunday, the election took place, where at the beginning Gollnisch then the Board members (Valerio Cignetti Secretary, Luca Romagnoli Vice-President and Béla Kovács Treasurer) talked about their future plans. The members of the Alliance of European National Movements unanimously re-elected the leadership then adopted the budget.

After the congress we interviewed Béla Kovács, the Treasurer of the AENM who told us that this two days congress was successful beyond expectations since the representatives reaffirmed their commitments to each other showing that the progress achieved so far was only a feeble beginning and with this cooperation the national side has proven that despite the liberal political headwinds patriotism can defeat every un-national, malicious intention and that the Alliance of European National Movements will achieve its stated goals.



The members of the European Alliance of National Movements, which gathers political organizations from France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), hold their Congress in the presence of observers from Japan in Hédervár, Hungary.

1) The members of the Alliance want at first to express their warm thanks to MEP Mr. Béla Kovács for having organized their activities and to Mr. Zoltán Balczó, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, whose participation has been a great honour for them.

2) The members of the Alliance express their total disagreement with the new European treaty imposed on each nation without the consent of the people. This treaty will result in the complete submission of Member States to the power of European technocrats, without solving any of the economical or financial problems of Europe, whose decline will be accelerated by the policy of austerity implied.

3) The members of the Alliance reaffirm their commitment to traditional European values such as family, which is the basic nucleus of society and which is founded through the union of a man and a woman for the transmission of life and the education of children.

4) On an international level, the members of the Alliance renew their adhesion to the true principles of the European Law of Nations: freedom and sovereignty of nations; non-interference within the internal policy of other nations; peaceful settlement of international disputes through arbitration; cultural, industrial, and political cooperation without any alteration of national independences.

Hédervár, 21st October 2012



Message from Jean-Marie Le Pen, Honorary President of the Front National and MEP

“Dear Friends in the Alliance of European National Movements!

Unfortunately, I cannot take part in the work of the congress which is taking place in Hungary due to other obligations. However, I am trying to stay informed constantly by my colleague and friend Bruno Gollnisch.

I welcome your efforts to coordinate your activities to preserve the material, moral and spiritual legacy of the European civilization based on diversity, independence and equality of nation states.

We should oppose globalization more than ever as it aims to enslave us, unfortunately, with the active participation of the leaders of the European Union.
Patriots of the world unite! “

Hédervár – 21 October, 2012