"Bring Western wages here instead of inviting guest workers from the East"

While Jobbik struggles for a wage union to achieve Western salaries for Hungarian employees, Fidesz would import Ukrainian guest workers to freeze low wages in Miskolc, Eastern Hungary, asserted the opposition party in their Sunday press conference.

Jobbik spokesman and Miskolc Council faction leader Péter Jakab said Fidesz was fighting for eastern wage levels instead of western ones: so far the government party has rejected a pay raise for Miskolc workers three times while they concluded a cooperation agreement with Krivoy Rog, the Ukrainian city where the government currently runs an advertisement campaign to recruit labour force willing to come to Hungary.

And now they are planning to organize a conference in Miskolc on why it is profitable to employ Ukrainians. Their actions clearly show that the government wants to crush the struggle for higher wages buy bringing over cheap labour, the spokesperson believes.

Conversely, Jobbik’s position is that Miskolc should offer high-quality skilled labour force instead of a cheap one; and quality work deserves quality wages. “That is why we launched the wage union campaign to achieve western wages for Eastern Europe, and eight Eastern Central EU member states have already joined the initiative,” Mr Jakab emphasized. Referring to Fidesz’ refusal to back the wage union project, he said it had become clear that the biggest obstacle in the way of closing the wage gap was the corrupt Orbán government itself, the replacement of which had become a precondition for eliminating wage inequalities. “In short, the question in 2018 will be: Fidesz or Jobbik, eastern or western wages,” the politician concluded.

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