Béla Kovács quits Jobbik

At Wednesday noon, a few hours after the authorities pressed charges agianst him, Béla Kovács posted on his Facebook page that he was no longer a member of Jobbik. Explaining his decision, he wrote that he did not want the accusations against his person to pose difficulties for Jobbik‘s victory in 2018.

On Wednesday, the Prosecutor‘s Office accused Jobbik‘s MEP Béla Kovács of criminal offenses against the State, public finances and public confidence. In response to the official charges finally issued in a case that had been dragging on for three years, Mr Kovács announced on his Facebook page that he would quit Jobbik as he had the party‘s best interest at heart.
Jobbik reacted to his decision in a press release:
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary welcomes the Central Investigation Office of the Public Prosecution Service finally taking up the case against Béla Kovács. We have been waiting since May 2014 for the court to serve justice concerning the charges against him. We utterly resent Fidesz’ administrative mechanism for dragging the investigation for 3 and a half years, obviously to fulfill the political motives of the governing party. For all these years, it has been clear for us that Fidesz delayed the procedure and kept it in the focus of political discourse as a blatant attempt to undermine us, their challenger for government. Just like in 2014, all Jobbik wants is to see the whole truth on whether Béla Kovács committed the acts he was charged with, or he is a victim of a political manipulation. We hope that Hungary’s independent courts will soon answer this question in the form of a final verdict.


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